Android: Beware, These Fake File Manager Apps Want to Steal Your Money

Bitdefender cybersecurity team found several fake Android file manager apps Infecting Android devices with SharkBot banking malware. The SharkBot banking trojan as we know it has been targeting Android devices for quite some time now.

As a reminder, This malware allows hackers to steal bank accounts andn Displaying fake login forms above legitimate banking app login prompts. If you enter your username and password in the fake form, they will be sent to a hacker. The latter can then use them to break into your account and steal your money.

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Malicious apps disguised as file managers

Apps discovered by Bitdefender disguised as file managers, which allows them to easily request and obtain user permission to install external packages. they would probably be successful blocking Android’s security systems by delaying the distribution of phishing schemes. For the first few days after installation, the apps were probably working fine, but then the unwanted behavior started to appear.

Named the most popular app in the Play Store. X-File Manager. It has since been removed from the Google Play store, but users who downloaded it before it was delisted should definitely remove it from their Android device as soon as possible. According to Bitdefender, it has infected Android devices, including other apps. “FileVoyager”, “Phone AID, Cleaner, Booster” and “LiteCleaner M”.

According to Bitdefender, this campaign specifically targets users in Great Britain and Ireland. However, it is not impossible for French users to be impressed. Banking applications targeted by the campaign include Barclays, Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking, Santander Mobile Banking and HSBC UK Mobile Banking.

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