Android and WearOS are full of widgets and innovations right before the holidays

There’s something for everyone in this new Android update. Mountain View company announced on its Android site all the features that will benefit smartphones as well as connected watches running Wear OS..

The focus is on interoperability between devices. The new Google TV app lets you select content from your phone or tablet from your streaming services and cast it to your connected TV. It is now possible to remotely share your digital car key with your loved ones. Rights management is much easier, as the digital key works on devices running both Android and iOS.

Navigation in WearOS is simplified, switching between tiles is more intuitive. Android connected watches are finally taking advantage of the available versions of Gmail and Calendar, and they’re sorely lacking in essentials. The Google Keep app has been updated to provide greater consistency between mobile and smartwatch versions. Athletes will be happy to learn that they can now launch the Adidas Running app through the voice assistant of their watches running under Wear OS.

Your Google account now clearly tells you what actions you need to take for your security

Google also emphasizes accessibility and inclusivity with this update. In the company’s own words, The new Reading Mode app is “designed by and for people who are dyslexic, visually impaired or blind.. It helps you optimize your screen reading experience by letting you adjust the contrast, text size, text-to-speech, page clutter, and font types.

YouTube continues to be the world’s largest video sharing service by far, without being included in TikTok. The new YouTube widget now lets you search for videos in your library, Shorts or subscriptions directly from the home screen.

Replying to a specific message is finally possible in Messages on Android. Plus, GBoard’s Emoji Kitchen has even more emojis to mix and match. Google Photos offers several options new templates for creating photo montages.

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