Android 14: 3rd beta is finally out, here’s all the news

Android 14: 3rd beta is finally out, here’s all the news

Android 14 Beta 3 is finally available and Google’s ” platform stability “. This means that developer APIs and all application behavior in the operating system are now final and will not change until the final version is released.

Google says the latest beta update will build on its core themes, which include: privacy, security, performance, developer productivity, and user personalization as we continue to improve the experience of big-screen devices on tablets, foldables, and more. “. This last part is important because it is particularly Google will launch the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold later this month.

What changes in Android 14 Beta 3?

From Android 14 Beta 3, Google adds a new charging indicator for Pixel phones that appears in the upper right corner. Using the “chip” style, which is also used for phone calls, Android 14 will now show that your phone is charging via a status indicator in the upper right corner. This new notification shows that your phone is charging and also the battery percentage.

The new beta is also an opportunity to reap the benefits.reworked themed icons. These are now more colorful. The background of each icon benefits from more vibrant colors, while the color of the icon is also slightly more vibrant. But the icons lose most of their contrast compared to previous versions.

Android also supports font scaling up to 200% by default, to provide visually impaired users with additional accessibility options. Additionally, users can grant partial access to their media libraries whenever an app requests any of the visual permissions introduced in Android 13. In addition, updates have been made to the core OpenJDK libraries as well as security changes regarding application access to the system.

There are newcomers as well.a tutorial for using gestures or customizable wallpapers. Note that Google also needs to add a battery health check function (Battery Health Checker). It displays a summary of the health of the battery, the number of full charge cycles, the current battery charge policy, and the manufacture date of the battery.

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Pixel 7a is compatible with Android 14 beta

Since the Pixel 7a, which was only released a few weeks ago, is finally compatible with the betas of Android 14, Google has expanded the beta to include other devices. So you will be able to install the new version on this device. However, as always, we remind you that this is a beta version and this means that the operating system is not suitable for use on your personal smartphone.

It is better to install the update on a second smartphone because it may break the core functions of your device. Moreover, it seems The Android 14 Beta 3 update has Pixel devices that lack a fingerprint sensor that works for some. Besides the sensor not working, Android doesn’t seem to detect its presence either.

fingerprint sensor

Those who unlock their device with a fingerprint therefore have to use a PIN / password / pattern to use their smartphone, but the absence of a fingerprint reader is a problem especially for the use of admin passwords or certain banking apps.