Android 13 will allow you to stream music to the speaker simply by approaching it

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Google is currently working on the development of the Android 13 update, codenamed tiramisu. We recently learned that the update should bring changes to notification management, a new power consumption management system, two display modes for the clock on the lock screen, and a socket that supports Bluetooth LE Audio.

On Monday, January 10, 2022, our colleagues from Android Police shared a post. “user interface demo”that is, a model showing the appearance of a new functionality that is expected to guide Google engineers. This leak describes a “tap to transfer” function that lets you Transfer content very easily (music, podcasts, etc.) from the smartphone to the connected speaker.

How does this new feature in Android 13 work?

concretely enough move closer to a compatible speaker To enable the option. A notification showing a nearby chip will appear on the screen to alert the user. To start the transfer to the speaker, the user will only need to confirm with an on-screen clip, hence the name of the “tap to transfer” option. A “cancel” option will also appear on the smartphone screen to prevent an unwanted transfer.

This option is very reminiscent of A feature already available on iPhones and HomePods, Apple’s connected speakers. To transfer music from an iPhone to HomePod/HomePod Mini, all you need to do is move the smartphone a few centimeters closer to the device. Music is automatically played by HomePod, whether it is the mini version or the standard model.

Quoting information from a source “Anonymous and reliable source”Android Police confirms that this innovation is not limited to connected speakers. It’s probably possible transfer content from one smartphone to another smartphone or to a tablet.

We think this innovation is possible thanks to the democratization of Ultra Wideband technology. UWB technology, already found in iPhones, makes it possible to locate a phone with extreme precision, enjoy additional services via the Internet of Things (IoT), and transfer files from one device to another even faster than Bluetooth. This technology is also available on many Android smartphones, including the Pixel 6.

Source : Android Police

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