Android 13: Latest beta gives Pixels this hidden but essential feature

Quick Launcher’s return from the Google Search bar is an understated ergonomic change. The variation is also so small that Google did not consider it appropriate to announce it. However, it will save you a few moves and a lot of time in the end because you won’t have it. no need to move your finger to the top of the screen to start an application.

When you open Google Search and enter the name of an app, it’s not only at the top of the search results, but also, will be preselected and highlighted. you will not have more than pressing enter on the virtual keyboard of your Pixel smartphone to launch said application. This functionality is expected to roll out to owners of Google-branded smartphones in the coming days, but we don’t know when it will be available on all devices running Android 13.

Pixel launcher recovers lost functionality when downgrading to Android 13

In addition to the “Quick Start” that will appear on the screen Latest pixels running at least Android 13 QPR2Devices running Android 13 QPR3 Beta 3 should receive the following update: beta 3.2 which should basically bring bug fixes related to the connection of devices. Here is the list:

  • Fixed input issue with Google Keyboard no longer receiving touch input or receiving touch input in the wrong place (Bug# 279560321)
  • Fixed an issue that caused calls to drop unexpectedly over WiFi
  • Fixed the issue that prevented the SIM card from being detected or activated during the configuration of the smartphone
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Pixel from switching back to WiFi when leaving 4G coverage and entering WiFi coverage
  • Fixed issues that caused unexpected drops in cellular connection speed or reliability

Source : 9TB 5 Google

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