Adobe Creative Cloud Coming to Android with Stock Photos

Adobe launched its mobile Creative Cloud apps on Android this week and introduced Adobe Stock Photos, a new service for photographers to sell photos and graphic designers to buy photos for their projects.

Adobe updates the Creative Cloud suite of apps and programs at approximately this time each year. They’re adding new features to their desktop program and launched some great new apps last year that only work on iOS. They promised Android versions of these great mobile photography and creative apps, and they delivered on their promise with a few new apps this weekend.

Here is the iPad version of the new Adobe Photoshop Mix that now works on Android.

New Adobe Mobile Apps on Android

Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge come with such great cameras that mobile photographers are using their phone’s camera more than ever before instead of point-and-shoot or advanced compact cameras. Some have even replaced DSLR cameras with phone cameras. A skilled photographer can take great shots with his phone. With Adobe’s mobile apps, they can start an editing workflow on a phone or tablet, or use their photos for things like Photoshop brushes or color palettes.

Use Adobe Brush for Android to turn photos taken on an Android Phone into a brush for use in Adobe Photoshop or other creative desktop programs.

All of the apps below come free and unlock some incredible productivity features on mobile when connected to a Creative Cloud subscription.

adobe photoshop mix for android

Use Adobe Photoshop Mix for Android to quickly combine two photos into one image.

Other Adobe applications offered before this include:

Adobe Stock Photos

adobe stock photos

Adobe also announced a new subscription service for stock photos. Adobe Stock Photos provides photographers with a place to sell their photos and provides designers and creative professionals with quality stock images. go to start searching the library of photos, vector drawings and illustrations.

search adobe stock in photoshop

Select File and Search Adobe Stock to search for stock photos in Photoshop.

Stock photos are integrated into Adobe Creative Cloud apps in an update to the Mac and Windows versions of the apps. For example, to search for Adobe Stock Photos from within Photoshop, select and then select .

adobe stock photos subscription rates

Adobe Stock Photos sells images for $9.99 for a single image or in subscriptions. They also offer a $29.99 per month subscription for up to 10 photos per month. If the user does not download 10 photos, the remaining unused credits can be transferred to the next month for up to 120 images. Pay $2.99 ​​to buy more images. This requires an annual plan. Customers who don’t want to commit to an annual subscription can get one for $49.99 a month and $4.99 for more images each month. There is also a plan that provides the subscriber with 750 images for $199.99 and extra images for $0.99 for a month.

Photographers who sell their images will receive 70% of what Adobe receives for the image. If someone buys a single photo for $9.99, the photographer gets about $7. A photo sold under the $49.99 plan (approximately $5 per photo) gives the photographer about $3.50. A photo that sells for $0.99 with an extra image on the $199 plan saves the photographer about $0.70.

Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriptions with Adobe Stock Photos

For student photographers who only want to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions start at $9.99 per month. They can now use their Android phone or tablet to streamline their workflow. The photographer’s package is $19.99 per month for non-student photographers. The full package costs $19.99 per month for educators and students and $49.99 per month for others. Add an Adobe Stock Photos subscription to the full package for $79.99. This allows subscribers to save $20 per month by paying users $49.99 per month without a Creative Cloud subscription.

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