7 Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Release Date Tips

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 release date is approaching, and those looking to buy the company’s new flagship tablet should start preparing for its arrival.

After a few weeks of rumors, the Galaxy Tab S6 has become official. The device replaces the 2018s Galaxy Tab S4 and an alternative to Samsung’s budget Galaxy Tab S5eit will hit the United States and other regions in the next few weeks.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is a high-end pageant and a direct competitor to Apple’s iPad lineup. The device packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, 6GB-8GB of RAM, the company’s S Pen stylus, a high-resolution 10.5-inch display, Android Pie with One UI, and dual rear cameras.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 models with Wi-Fi Start at $649.99 and Jump up to $729.99. LTE versions of the Galaxy Tab S6 are not yet on sale, but that will change later this year.

If you’re considering making the Galaxy Tab S6 your next tablet, there are some things you should do before you open your wallet and buy one.

This guide will provide you with some tips to help you buy the right version of the Galaxy Tab S6 for your needs and budget. It will also help ensure that the Galaxy Tab S6 is the right tablet for you.

Track your order

It goes without saying, but if you do decide to pre-order a Galaxy Tab S6, be sure to follow your order closely as we move towards the device’s release date.

When your device ships, you’ll want to follow it to your door. You should get a tracking number a few days before its arrival.

This is important because pre-orders sometimes arrive a day or two early, which can be a problem if you won’t be home to pick up the delivery. You probably don’t want a more than $600 gadget standing on your doorstep in the middle of the day.

If you won’t be home by your tablet’s due date, make sure you have a plan. Most operators allow you to: sign for packages in advance.

We recommend logging into the account you ordered once a day or more if you’re paranoid and checking to make sure your order is moving in the right direction. If you notice anything unusual, you will want to contact customer service immediately.

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We also recommend installing the UPS app or FedEx app, as you’ll usually get an alert when it’s ready to ship.

This may seem a little tedious, but this is an expensive device and you will want to do everything you can to ensure a smooth delivery.

No need to pre-order

Pre-ordering a Galaxy Tab S6 is definitely an option and a great one if you’ve already decided, but here’s something to keep in mind.

Unlike Apple devices, Samsung Galaxy devices are not usually sold before their official release date. It is extremely rare to see delays.

There may be solid demand for the Galaxy Tab S6, but we don’t expect to see any stock issues until the device’s release date. And that means there will be no reason to rush an order.

Many of you will want to take the time to practice with the Galaxy Tab S6 before purchasing one.

See Other Android Tablets

Besides getting hands-on with the Galaxy Tab S6, you may want to get hands-on with some of its Android-powered rivals before making a commitment.

If you want to go with a Samsung tablet, be sure to give it a try. Galaxy Tab S4 from last year. It’s a solid device, more affordable, and the company recently upgraded it with Android Pie and One UI. It should also release Samsung’s version of Android Q.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to take a long look. Galaxy Tab S5e. It’s much cheaper than the Galaxy Tab S6 and has pretty good power.

We suggest you take a look here as well. Amazon Fire HD 10, Amazon Fire HD 8and Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4.

Try iPad and Microsoft Surface

If you’re not committed to Android, you should also rule out Apple’s iPad lineup and Microsoft’s Surface before you go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

Apples iPad Pro, iPad Airand iPad miniare solid Galaxy Tab alternatives, and all have dropped in price since their respective launches.

Better still, they’ll be upgraded to Apple’s iPadOS 13 update in the fall. iPadOS 13 comes with some big time changes, including Dark Mode, video editing upgrades, and more.

You should also search for the best tablet alternatives running Microsoft’s Windows 10, including: Surface Pro 6 and Surface Go.

Find a Home for Your Existing Tablet

If you already have a tablet, now is a good time to start thinking about what to do with it when you buy a new device.

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Some of you may want to sell the device to help pay for the Galaxy Tab S6. If that’s the path you want to take, start shuffling resale websites.

Exchange values ​​for tablets at merchants Gazelle and NextValue will fluctuate, so be sure to check them often. If you find a price you like, you should consider locking it down. Moreover trade your tablet with Samsung.

The amount you get for your current tablet will depend on its age (newer devices bring more cash) and condition (devices in excellent condition get the most money back).

If you have an old tablet or a beaten one, you should consider donating it to a charity or finding a friend, family member or colleague in need.

Meet Android Pie and One UI

The Galaxy Tab S6 runs Android Pie and Samsung’s One UI out of the box. If you’re unfamiliar with the software, it’s a good idea to educate yourself beforehand so you don’t get caught off guard.

If you’re not familiar with Android Pie, check out all the changes now. Our Galaxy Tab’s Android Pie update guide should help.

This is another reason why many of you want to try the Galaxy Tab S6 before ordering. While some of you might feel comfortable with Android and One UI, others might be better off with a skin from another Android OEM or Apple’s iPadOS software.

Research Accessories

Use this time to research Galaxy Tab S6 accessories.

We recommend reading the reviews to get an idea of ​​pricing, the pros and cons of popular accessory manufacturers, the styles you like, and the level of protection cases.

Samsung has announced the new Book Cover Keyboard, which comes with a DeX function key that lets you easily start and shut down Samsung’s PC-like DeX experience with the push of a button.

The accessory will usually cost $180, but if you order the Galaxy Tab S6 before September 22, the company will sell it to you for $90.

If you’re planning to buy a microSD card to expand the device’s storage, now is the time to decide how much storage you’ll need.

Galaxy Tab S6 comes in 128GB/256GB storage configurations and can handle up to 1TB microSD card.

this The Samsung EVO Select is one of our favourites. and provides great value. If you’d like to do a little more research, check out our list of the best microSD cards for Android devices.

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