7 Reasons to Buy Galaxy S10e and 3 Reasons Not to Buy

Should you buy the Galaxy S10e or skip it in favor of the more expensive Galaxy S10 or wait for the Galaxy Note 10? We’re here to help you figure out what you’re getting with this phone and decide whether to buy the cheapest Galaxy S10.

This is a brand new Galaxy smartphone priced at $749 for 2019. It’s Samsung’s answer to the iPhone XR and an alternative to the ever-rising smartphone prices and ever-growing screen sizes. While it’s more affordable, it’s not saggy. It may not cover all Galaxy S10 features, but it has all the important features and may be the best Galaxy S10 for the average user.

You can pre-order the Galaxy S10e at: best buy, SAMSUNG, verizon, AT&T, T mobile, sprint and US Cellular Starting at $749 or less than $12.48 per month. You might also find some good Galaxy S10e deals if you’re bringing in a new line or if you’re in US Cellular and have some trade-offs on promotions. You don’t get free Galaxy Buds when you pre-order the Galaxy S10e.

Here are Reasons to Buy the Galaxy S10e

  1. If You Want A New Phone At An Affordable Price, Buy It
  2. If You Want a Small(er) Screen Phone, Buy It
  3. Buy for Some of the Best Galaxy S10 Features
  4. Buy for a Good Deal on More Storage
  5. Buy for a Great Camera
  6. Buy Normal Fingerprint Sensor
  7. Buy If You Like The Current Deals

Here are the Reasons Not to Get Galaxy S10e

  1. Don’t Buy If You Want The Best Camera Features
  2. Don’t Buy If You Need Big Screen
  3. Expect Greater Deals

All in all, this is a very good looking phone with a lot of features that come at a price we don’t usually see right outside the door. While there are some good reasons to buy the Galaxy S10 or S10+, most users won’t regret buying the Galaxy S10e.

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