5 Small Screen Android Phones Worth Buying Today

Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, and this is becoming more evident than ever in 2015, as every major Android manufacturer has launched a phone larger than 5 inches. Even the new Moto X measures 5.7 inches, which is something no one will find easy to hold. If you’re one of the many who are looking for a great non-junk Android phone with a small screen, check out the list below.

Samsung started it all with the first true “phablet”, the Galaxy Note, and now everyone has one, even Apple. LG G4, Galaxy Note 4, Moto X, iPhone 6 Plus and even Google’s Nexus 6. All are large and some are larger than 6 inches.

Almost all smartphones these days that are smaller in size or that we consider small these days (anything under 5 inches) are low-end Android devices, not flagship phones. It’s hard to get a small screen without sacrificing performance and quality, but there are some excellent options in 2015 that we’ll share with buyers below.

If you want a phone with the latest features, powerful processors, and great cameras, you’ll be looking for a device larger than 5 inches and probably $400-$600. Not everyone wants a big or expensive device. Here is a list of small, portable, powerful and pocket-sized smartphones.

The Galaxy S6 is almost 5.2 inches, the new LG G4 is 5.5 inches, and Motorola’s new Moto X is a massive 5.7-inch device. Everyone is making huge phones. That said, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and some others still have phones you’ll want to consider. Below is a list of 5 small-screen Android smartphones worth buying today.

As the year progressed, more and more excellent small-screen Android smartphones were launched at a great price. Below is a detailed slideshow of some of the best options, and here’s an updated list of some notable options.

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