4 Reasons to Wait for Galaxy Z Flip and 3 Reasons Not to Wait

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and even the upcoming Galaxy S20 are great phones, but some of you might want to wait. newly opened Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung’s clamshell foldable phone.

In 2019 we saw several different foldable phones coming from Samsung, Huawei, and even new Motorola Razr. And while the Galaxy Fold has had some issues early on, Samsung is gearing up to launch a brand new clamshell foldable phone that will be known as the Galaxy Z Flip. Yes, that’s the name of the phone they showed at the Oscars.

Considering the Moto Razr’s high price and average specs combined with all the Galaxy Fold issues, it’s a good idea to wait for the next foldable phone from Samsung. Especially when this one folds out to look like a regular phone, it’s not that big and has a more durable glass screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Rumors and Speculation (2020)

we already approved Samsung will launch three Galaxy S20 phones in Februarynot a Galaxy S11, now we’re starting to get too much information This shows that they will also introduce the new Galaxy Z Flip. Yes, we will see Samsung’s second-generation folding phone, codenamed Galaxy Bloom, on February 11. Surprisingly, Samsung has released this new phone. Advertising during the Oscarsbefore the launch event.

Given all the bad reviews and bad press about the Samsung Galaxy Fold in 2019, we understand why some people aren’t interested in a follow-up. That said, Samsung has learned from its mistakes, not to mention this new Galaxy Z Flip. completely different design with a smaller screen, a more durable frame, a real glass screen, and other changes. There’s nothing like the Galaxy Fold, and that’s a good thing.

image provided by leaks

Several leaks have confirmed and even seen this new phone, sleek design leaked video Basically, the truth is, it’s coming soon, and you’ll want to wait for it.

Considering the Samsung Galaxy Fold is huge and super expensive, this phone definitely has some appeal. As you can see above, it is small and fits easily in a pocket. Then it opens like a clamshell shell, not like a book, and becomes a 6.7-inch phone of similar size to most regular phones.

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Where the Fold is too big and impractical, the Galaxy Z Flip is perfect for everyday use and is actually pocketable. So, while we don’t know much about it yet, we do see enough information to spark interest and make buyers consider waiting. If you’re on the fence, here’s everything we know so far and a few reasons why you should and should not wait for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip folding phone.

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