2 Reasons To Buy The Pixel 2 On Verizon And 3 Reasons Not To Buy It

The brand new Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are finally available for pre-order starting October 4. you can get one today official Google Storeor only on Verizon Wireless. No other carrier will offer Google’s clean new phone. That said, there are a few reasons to buy the Pixel 2 from Verizon and even more reasons not to.

During the event, Google’s online store started taking immediate pre-orders for both new phones. 5-inch Pixel 2 and 6-inch edge-to-edge Pixel 2 XL. These phones come unlocked and work with almost any carrier.

Devices will ship from Google starting October 17 or Verizon starting October 19. Additionally, you can buy it directly from Verizon stores later this month. Before you pre-order from Verizon or take advantage of T-Mobile’s Pixel 2 deal, there are a few things to consider.

This is Google’s third device on Verizon Wireless. First, the Galaxy Nexus was a bit of a mess. Last year the Pixel got good support and quick updates straight from Google. So it wasn’t a problem for Verizon owners.

Pixel phones are a big step up over Nexus devices in past years by being on at least one carrier, but that’s not good news. Just because Verizon is a launch partner doesn’t mean people should buy one from Big Red.

There are many reasons why users may or may not buy a smartphone from a particular company or carrier. With that in mind, our slideshow below will cover why you should or shouldn’t get one from Verizon Wireless. Finally, the best way is to buy directly from Google Play Store without unlocking. There is no reason to buy a carrier model when Google offers a globally unlocked model. Well, maybe other than to try it by hand when it goes on sale later this month.

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