17 Instagram Tips and Tricks

Use these essential Instagram tips to create amazing photos, share them with your friends, get more Instagram likes and dramatically improve your Instagram experience.

We combine Instagram tips from professional photographers and science-based Instagram tricks to help you get more likes and learn when to post your Instagram photos for the biggest impact.

We’ll also cover essential Instagram tips for customizing how the app works so you can save your photos, apply double filters, learn how to tag your friends, post photos directly, and fix Instagram issues and annoyances.

Instagram Filters Get More Likes

If you want to get more likes you should use an Instagram filter. While the #nofilter hashtag is in vogue, it’s new Scientific work He analyzed photos from flickr and Instagram and discovered what adding a filter can do to your photos.

A filtered photo is 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to receive comments. Part of this may be users who share more interesting photos when they choose to use a filter, but you can’t argue with data.

Learn when to use Instagram filters.

Use The Best Instagram Filters

The same study looked at five filters and editing options on Instagram to discover which ones would get you more likes and comments.

Using a hot filter usually gets the most comments. Using the exposure tool to increase exposure results in more views. Not every filter is added to your likes and comments. Saturation effects led to lower views and age effects led to lower comments.

Take Better Square Photos

Every photo you post on Instagram is a frame, so it makes sense to take a photo that looks best in the frame. Most smartphone cameras offer the option to take a square photo, or you can take the photo in the Instagram app.

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Shares by Emil Pakarklis from iPhone Photography School 10 tips for taking better-looking square photos. You don’t need to memorize each one to take a better photo, but understanding the principles behind better-looking square photos is a start. Here are a few tips with a full explanation at the link above.

  1. Put the Subject at the Center
  2. Fill Entire Photo
  3. Use Symmetry
  4. Smarter with Grid Rule of Thirds
  5. Look for Diagonal Lines
  6. Shoot in Landscape and Crop mode

If you use these ideas when taking square photos, you will increase the quality. Check out many examples and more detailed instructions at the link above.

Face Photos Get More Likes

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A study by Georgia Tech found that Instagram photos with faces get more likes and comments than those without. Specifically, if your photo includes a face, your food is 38% more likely to get likes and 32% more likely to get comments than a view or photo.

You don’t always need to do this as a front and center selfie, so try placing yourself further away in a photo.

Essential Accessories for Instagram Photos

You don’t have to choose between being in the photo or performing a cool scene. Invest in an iPhone tripod and use the timer or your Apple Watch and you can put yourself in the photos.

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Instagram user SafeSolvent recommends Buying a GorillaPod for iPhone so you can attach your iPhone to a tree, fence, ledge, or other object. With this in place, you can set a timer and take a photo to make it more of another great place you’ve visited.

Safesolvent also shoots with Camera+ with a 30 second timer so it has plenty of time to get into the picture.

Tag People in Your Instagram Photos

Instagram allows you to tag your friends in photos to make sure they will see the photos. This is better than tagging them in the comments and you can do this before sharing.

. . If necessary, drag to another spot in the photo to fine-tune the position.

Send Private Instagram Photo

You can send a direct or private Instagram photo to a friend or group of friends instead of your followers. Take and edit the photo as you normally would.

. This toggles from Followers and shows your Instagram friends list. . You can select one or more friends.

Better Use Instagram Hashtags

When you’re ready to use hashtags, you can find two Instagram tips in one. The first tip is to try new Instagram emoji hashtags. It’s an easy way to get your photo in front of more Instagram users and a fun way to add some emotion to your photo. To do this, enter a # and then use your emoji keyboard on your iPhone or Android to create an emoji hashtag.

Another emoji Instagram trick is to post your photo with a simple description that works on Instagram, Facebook and anywhere else you want to share the photo, and then enter hashtags in the first comment on your photo.

Save Your Instagram Photos

You can tell Instagram to save your original photos so you always have access to the one you started with. and .

Now when you take a photo on Instagram, it will save an unedited version to your camera roll. If you want to save an Instagram photo without sharing it, you can add another filter or keep a copy. Sharing will fail and the photo will still appear in your gallery or Photos app.

Check Instagram Photo Tags

By default, anyone can tag you in an Instagram photo. This can cause annoying and abusive photos to appear as photos of you on your profile and annoy you with unwanted notifications.

Then tap on settings at the top right. From here you can choose whether you want these photos to appear on your profile automatically or manually.

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Master Instagram Photo Tools

Before posting your Instagram photo, you should try more than just filters. Instagram includes a serious set of photo editing tools to make your photo stand out on Instagram.

Learn how to use Instagram editing tools.

Learn how to use Instagram editing tools.

The easiest way to master Instagram photo editing tools is to move the sliders from side to side and see what makes your photo look best. Yes, there are reasons to move a slider somehow, but the best way for the average user to make photos better is to experiment with the tools.

After using it to switch between the various options and edit a dozen photos, you’ll begin to understand what effect to use and how much to apply to make your Instagram photos stand out.

Stop Instagram Video Autoplay

You can change the Instagram video autoplay and audio options to avoid consuming your data. For now Instagram only lets you change the setting from Always to WiFi Only, but it’s better than nothing. Use the instructions here to stop Instagram videos from playing automatically.

Take Better Photos of Pets and Children

If you’re having trouble capturing a child or pet staring at you for your Instagram photos, here’s what you need. Look Birdy app. This free app can use a bird sound and camera flash to get the attention of your child or pet.

Add Text to Your Instagram Photos

Another way to make your Instagram photo stand out is to add text to it. There are many apps that can do this so you can find the one that offers the best look according to your preference.

Instaquote is a great option for adding quotes to Instagram photos. For more details, you can follow our guide to adding text to Instagram photos.

Make Gorgeous Instagram Collages

Another essential is a great Instagram collage that combines multiple photos into one. This is a great way to show before and after photos, or to combine several photos from an event into one that can attract more likes than three or four photos alone.

There’s no shortage of Instagram collage apps, but it’s official Instagram Layout app It is the perfect one to start with. There are many options to add photos, change the layout and customize the collage.

Add White Space to Show Photos

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Instagram is all about square photos, but you can add white or black space around the edges of your photo to highlight your photo and keep its original orientation. This is a great way to avoid cutting out a key part of the photo or a person in your photo by cropping your photo into a square.

No Crop is a great app to post to Instagram without cropping the photo. This app can add a blurry effect to the edges of the photo or a solid color to the edges of the photo, so you can keep everyone in the photo. NoCrop is available for iPhone and for Android.

Master the Instagram Double Filter

Sometimes the best Instagram photo combines two filters or an edit in one app followed by another edit and a filter in the Instagram app.

The easy way to do this is to take a photo in an app like Camera+ or another photo editing app and apply the filters and edits you want. Save this photo and then open it on Instagram to edit the photo again and apply another filter.

You can also use airplane mode to take photos, edit and apply themes on Instagram. When you share it with airplane mode, the photo will be saved in your gallery. From there, you can cancel that upload and then edit the new photo to apply the second filter before sharing the photo.

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