10 Exciting Official HTC 10 Accessories

The impressive new HTC 10, with its sleek metal curves and powerful front-facing speakers, is coming soon, with a release date set for early May. Coming from carriers in the United States, buyers will need cases, chargers, headphones and other accessories for the new flagship phone. Here are some exciting accessories for the HTC 10, custom made by HTC or its partners.

On April 12, HTC took the stage for an online event to announce the successor to the moderately popular HTC One M9 from 2015. Of course this is the beautiful new HTC 10 with a brand new look, cleaner and simpler Android version, a great camera, fingerprint scanner and more. HTC’s best smartphone in years and it has a lot to offer.

During the announcement of this bold new smartphone, HTC made sure to talk about a few accessories for the phone. The two are the new Dot View case that was popular in the past, and some unique new JBL headphones that connect via USB Type-C instead of the 3.5mm headphone jack. HTC has a lot of exciting accessories and below is everything buyers need to know.

The HTC 10 remains the best phone of recent years and one of the best Android devices of 2016. Beautiful 5.2-inch screen, powerful front-facing speakers, fingerprint scanner, all-aluminum design, tons of power, and an impressive new camera. It is complete with the latest version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and a 3,000 mAh battery with extremely fast charging.

It was exactly what HTC needed to get back into the smartphone game and compete with Samsung or Apple, and they did just that.

We have many options when it comes to purchasing accessories, cases, chargers and more for smartphones. However, as an HTC device, the options won’t be as endless as Samsung or Apple users, so HTC itself has made a few great choices.

Almost everything detailed below is brand new, designed for the HTC 10 or relatively new from HTC and will complement the smartphone wonderfully. Without further ado, here are some official accessories for the HTC 10 made by or in partnership with HTC. Click the arrow below to enjoy a slideshow of all the official accessories and links to buy anything that interests you. We will add more as other options become available.

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