10 Best Android Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

These are the best Android games to play with your girlfriend, wife, husband or significant other. Fun games you can play together Galaxy S10pixel, tablets and more. Whether you’re in the same room or in a long distance relationship, these are great games to play.

You can have fun playing competitive strategy games, trivia, board games or even the latest battle royale game like Fortnite. We have a little something for everyone downstairs. Most are also cross-compatible with iPhone.

So if you want to keep the conversation and fun going after meeting someone on a dating app, or if you’re in a committed relationship, give these games a try.

Of course, the type of relationship will determine what kind of Android games you can play with your girlfriend. If he’s into shooting and competitive, play Fortnite, PUBG or COD Mobile together. or if he is taking care of themTrying Fortnite will show him you care and are willing to try new things. If these are too difficult or competitive, try Clash of Clans.

Another popular game that you can play with your friends or a girlfriend is board games. We also have role-playing games or Trivia games that let you earn real money as you play. If you and your partner have enough skills, maybe you’ll make enough money for a vacation or to put your long distance relationship together.

Before we share a list of all the games, we wanted to quickly suggest a few chargers as you’ll need them to keep your phone charged while you’re gaming with your GF. Here are a few of our favorite portable chargers, namely compact batteries that you can stash in a bag and charge under while you play. Whether on the road or in your car.

In closing, we would like to point out that most of these games are completely free. If not, they only cost a few dollars and are well worth the investment as they get you together. Or at least it should be. Here are the best mobile games to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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